Company Spotlight

SLIM CapitalSLIM Capital, LLC is a nationwide direct finance company that specializes in financing equipment acquisitions for our clients. We have credit based programs as well as collateral based programs that secure hard assets to structure financing transactions. We consider equipment with a strong secondary market value, real estate and other assets that can be easily monetized as collateral. With over 40 years of experience between the two lead partners, we have a wealth of knowledge and skill in recognizing deals and formulating structures efficiently and effectively.

Types of transactions offered:
Direct/Finance Lease, Capital Lease, EFA Loans, Sale-Leaseback, Tax Lease, TRAC Lease, Working Capital Loan

Main equipment/asset specialties:
Construction, Industrial Manufacturing, Machine Tool, Oil/Gas Exploration & Prod., Real Estate, Transportation – Business/Corporate Air, Transportation – Trucks/Trailers

Source of funds: In house funds and bank lines

Transaction sizes:
Min: $25,000 Avg: $150,000 Max: $2,000,0000

Credit focus:
B Quality, C Quality, D Quality, Startups

Credit review process:
We start with the story, the use of funds, the collateral and formulate pricing and terms to see if we’re a good fit.
We also have credit based programs for applicants with 3+ years time in business and 650+ FICOs

Minimum credit score: N/A

Types of funding programs offered:
Structured transactions, collateral backed transactions, real estate, hard assets, SLB, various types of leases, finance agreements. We also offer syndicate programs for deals that brokers may not have a home for; upon request.

Application only products and limits: Yes, $150,000 

For more information, visit or contact Jeff Brannon at (949) 981-0431 or Shervin Rashti at (310) 499-2562 x108.