Company Spotlight

Subsentio Logo - Thermo CreditqSubsentio, LLC is a trusted third-party service bureau that helps communications carriers comply with government mandates to assist law enforcement investigations. One type of mandate (the federal CALEA statute) requires carriers to facilitate real-time lawful electronic surveillance. Another requires them to disclose validly-requested subscriber records.

Subsentio supports wireline, wireless, broadband access, VoIP, LTE, and VoLTE networks, as well as OTT wireless applications. Hundreds of network owners nationwide retain us to provide mandated technical solutions and operate those solutions on their behalf. Our compliance programs satisfy law enforcement demands while fully meeting subscriber privacy laws.

We make the above-described compliance tasks cost-effective in two ways. First, we spread the technology costs over such a large client base that no one client bears a heavy economic burden. Second, we can structure our fees to void a significant short-term impact on a client’s budget.

Another Subsentio service enables ISPs to comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (the DMCA). DMCA demands often become so burdensome that they disrupt a carrier’s normal work flow and consume core business resources. Our DMCA service substantially relieves this burden.

For more information visit or contact William Ekes, Vice President of Sales, at (720) 213-5601.