Who is Thermo Credit, LLC?

Thermo Credit is a privately held funding company that provides asset based loans and factoring services primarily to the technology and communications industry.

What types of communications companies will Thermo Credit consider?

Thermo Credit works with every segment of the technology and communications markets including Long Distance, VoIP, Triple Play, Wholesale, Wireless, ISPs, CLECs and Call Centers.

What does Thermo Credit look for in a company they would consider funding?

Thermo Credit typically works with companies with a minimum of $300,000 in monthly revenue and unencumbered assets based in North America. Our credit facilities are based on accounts receivable, contracts, inventory and other assets and we offer a facility minimum of $500,000.

Can I use the funds to acquire another company?

Yes. In many instances you can use the assets of the company you are acquiring to help fund a deal.

What are the benefits of Thermo Credit’s asset based facilities?

Our facilities can give your business access to capital based on your assets without giving away equity, which can then be used to help fund growth, an acquisition or to enhance working capital.

Will I have to sign a personal guarantee?

Under normal circumstances, Thermo Credit does not require a personal guarantee.

How long is my contract with Thermo Credit?

Our agreements typically have a two year term.