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Telecom Software Solutions

Equinox Information Systems is a global provider of software solutions for the telecommunications industry. Serving more than 250 telecom companies worldwide since 1986, Equinox offers a suite of products to help carriers improve profitability and network efficiency which can be configured to work for any telecom company, regardless of size or switch platform. Our solutions include Fraud Management, Revenue Assurance, Mediation, and Network analysis, as well as custom application development. Current Equinox customers include long-distance carriers, resellers, independent telephone companies, CLECs, ILECs, wireless, Cable and VoIP companies.

Our Solutions

  • Revenue Assurance
  • Mediation
  • Fraud Management
  • Network Analysis
  • Custom Solutions

Our Strengths

  • Private, Profitable, Debt Free
  • 21 Years (Average Tenure 14 Years)
  • Support for 180+ xDR Formats
  • 250+ Customers
  • Money Back Guarantee

Our Core Competencies

  • High Volume Transaction Processing
  • xDR Filtering Conversion and Enrichment
  • User-Driven Analysis and Reporting
  • Identify Usage Anomalies
  • Automated Alarming
  • Rapid Development of New Features

Powerful Products, Custom Solutions

The ongoing success of Equinox is based on our ability to continue to meet the changing needs of our clients in this dynamic industry. As our clients respond to industry changes, we respond to our clients, providing the most effective, flexible, and economic software solutions in the industry.

All of our products can be configured to work with usage records from any network element or switch type, and are backed by a range of professional services, including implementation, configuration, user training, technical support, and ongoing product enhancements. With unparalleled support and service, we are committed to providing the solutions carriers need to achieve their strategic goals.

Fraud Management


Real-Time Monitoring and Case Management
Protector allows carriers and resellers to identify suspicious network activity quickly and stop fraud in progress. Creating dynamic profiles to distinguish fraud from honest customer usage, Protector allows users manage cases from identification through investigation and resolution. The system generates multiple reports to document workflow, case data, and averted loses.



Real-time CDR delivery
Collector allows carriers to deliver usage records in real-time from multiple network points, supporting multiple switch types using standard protocols such as X.25, TCP/IP, and FTP. Collector ensures data integrity with verification functionality, detailed process auditing, and robust link monitoring tools.

The system can also be configured to forward CDR files across LAN or via FTP.


A Single System to Mediate and Analyze Usage Records
TeleLink is a single platform that allows companies to mediate usage records in multiple input formats, transforming them for use by multiple OSS and downstream processes. TeleLink accepts usage records from multiple sources in multiple formats (CDR, AMA, IPDR, etc.). Applying user-defined business rules, the application filters and converts data to multiple output formats including binary, ASCII, EMI, and database formats.

TeleLink also creates a real-time CDR Data Warehouse of all usage records. Users can create their own queries and reports using the Ad Hoc Report Generator, or perform more sophisticated Network Analysis using the optional Manager and TeleScope Modules (below).

Network Analysis


CDR Based Network Analysis and Reporting
Manager offers you the most powerful network analysis and traffic engineering available. Using unfiltered billing records as source data, linked to LERG and Trunk Group Data Marts, carriers can use Manager to effectively manage reseller accounts, verify routing and billing, and reduce losses with better network planning. With more than 80 reports and graphs, easy-to-read summaries, and unparalleled flexibility, Manager can be your network’s single best tool for enhancing profits.

Manager OM

OM / TMM Analysis and Reporting
Using OM and TMM data collected from the switch, Manager OM gives carriers the ability to generate a number of reports based on switch statistical data, including busy hour reporting and peg counts. Storing OM data in a real-time data warehouse also allows carriers to generate custom ad hoc reports as well.


Real-Time Network and Financial Analysis
Respond immediately to opportunities and risks in the constantly changing resale market with TeleScope. Linking real-time usage data with LCR cost and revenue information, this innovative analysis tool allows you to make intelligent network management decisions by providing critical insight into both domestic and international traffic, including cost, revenue, and ASR rates. TeleScope also features an advanced alert module that notifies you when critical thresholds are crossed so that you can proactively manage routing and maximize profits.


Real-Time CDR Tracing
TeleTrace allows users to create custom queries based on CDRs, LERG information, and other data marts, and view on-screen in real-time details of all calls matching the query parameters.


Least Cost Routing
TeleRoute allows carriers to standardize diverse carrier A to Zs, and create switch routing guides based on lowest cost routes and call completion acceptability. TeleRoute compares carrier rates for similar destinations to find the lowest cost associated with each series of dialed digits, while also considering the carriers’ routing acceptability. The route guide for a single destination consists of all carriers capable of terminating calls in order of preference. TeleLink automatically prepares a Route Guide Change Report to be used by authorized personnel in the switch updates.

Custom Development

We have the knowledge and skill to create custom applications to meet your unique needs. Our vast experience with telecom data processing for a wide array of switch manufacturers and service providers enables us to develop custom software tools quickly and cost effectively.

For more information, please contact:
David Ledbetter
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Equinox Information systems
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