Company Spotlight

The risopt-teleservices-logoe of Dialer Fraud and management of TFN’s and DID’s leaves way for Jim King and his team from Opt Teleservices (OPT) to make effective and significant changes for the outdated hold and clear practices and processes offered by Direct In Dialed (DID) and Toll Free suppliers.

This process hasn’t changed in over 20 years. Like the airlines reservation systems, updating networks is necessary to be proactive to the overwhelming new challenges with DID uses, users and abuses.

Opt Teleservices is the proven provider of choice for redirected DID services. Originally, starting as a resporg 15+ years ago and adding call centers, OPT has evolved from simple data analytics review to having an advanced understanding of dialer fraud and abuse. Opt Teleservices patented technologies use dialer patterns and other key features adding astonishing value to averting losses, clearing and cleaning campaigns from prior users. Revenue generation is an added bonus to this unique solution which transforms non-operational DIDs dialed to your network. Analysis and analytic reports create long term efficiencies retaining value and growth. Compliance is adhered to with simple redirect, much like your current path for misdialed, disconnected and unassigned numbers for example (503 or 404 codes).

Ask how OPT can redirect those misdialed and unwanted calls to your unassigned number from a cost center to a profit center.

Jim King GM Opt TeleServices- 904-302-4991