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Telco ConnectionTelco Connection has been serving the Telecommunications industry since 2010. Our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality service and products while maintaining the most aggressive pricing on the market. Companies looking to provide customers with innovative and workable service will want to look closely at what Telco Connection has to offer.

Are you interested in reducing toll-free costs with redundant carrier solutions?
The majority of customers don’t realize that they can use more than one carrier for toll-free service on each number. The use of multiple carriers creates a redundant coverage and will lower the per-minute service cost.  Switching to Telco Connection means that you can keep your current carrier for LCR routing – even if it is not part of the Telco partner network –  and fulfill your current commitment (if any) with a carrier while still getting lower competitive pricing through Telco.

Are you interested in VoIP Termination with redundant carrier solutions?
In addition to being experts with toll-free services, we provide high quality wholesale VoIP Conversational and Call Center solutions. Our all-in-one carrier platform solution for SIP network elements resides on a private cloud infrastructure. It provides scalability, with a range of up to 20,000 concurrent sessions per customer.


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