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Visualware logoVisualware is the Recognized Leader in Advanced Network Measurement and Quality Assessment for over 15 years. The buzz from the conferences is about the MyConnection Server’s newly upgraded MCS to Version 10.  2017’s launch added more in-depth testing features enabling advanced Real World Time Analysis of TCP and UDP Layer 4 in your network, Cloud and devices.

MCS’s New Mobility Licenses along with a scalable white-labeled SDK and API’s improve and provide easy integration and embedded solutions for your developers and resellers.

Our monthly Spotlight introduces Visualware Quality POPs — now fully deployed in major cities including NYC, DC, Los Angeles, San Jose and London – enabling you to easily measure and validate connection quality to your network from independent geographical locations on Tier 1 backbone networks.

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  • Learn how you can implement MCS and leverage Visualware’s Quality Assessment Cloud to identify and resolve network issues that compromise the quality and user experience of your network services.
  • Get visibility to data flow quality in your networks — Core Infrastructure, Servers, Gateways, Legacy Edge devices (even SDN) – and see how MCS identifies the network quality problems that reduce throughput and degrade your applications and services.
  • See why many telecom and network enterprises rely on Visualware MCS technology to pre-quality networks for deployments of media applications such as VoIP and UC.(some of the companies include 8×8, AT&T, Vonage, Star2Star, IDT, Oracle, HP, Ring Central, Universities, ViaSat, and Boingo).
  • View the broad range of network analytics delivered in a single solution, including Throughput and Capacity Testing, VoIP Quality Assessment, Asymmetric (& new Bidirectional) Route Testing and extensive Firewall testing.

Request a demo online or phone us at +1-209-262-3491 x302 or 330 by May 28.

Julie Lancaster, VP Sales
Noreen Rucinski, CIO