Company Spotlight

Pendleton Capital Group is a privately funded, closely held entity with a strong financial foundation enabling us to react quickly to unique purchase order financing requests.

Using purchase order financing gives you the ability to fulfill all your sales orders, even those that exceed your normal volume or scope. 100% financing of your supplier costs frees up your cash for critical business expenses allowing you to deliver bigger orders. All you need is a PO from a credit worthy commercial or government client to get started.

Whether you are selling telecom equipment, cellular devices or any other technology inventory we have a program, customized for each individual client. We service major industries including manufacturers of all kinds, oil field service companies, freight and transportation companies, information technology firms, consulting firms, temporary staffing firms, and distribution companies. We strive to help our portfolio companies grow their business and profits without giving up equity.

For more information, contact Adam Cox at (713) 808-9746.