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Empowering clients to operate more effectively and profitably since 2001

Precision Telecom Technologies LogoPrecision Telecom Technologies is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider of operations and billing systems used by communications companies across North America. Its flagship product, the Telecom BackOffice Solution (TBS), provides a single interface through which service provider clients run their entire business.

The Telecommunications BackOffice Solution (TBS)

TBS is a comprehensive cloud-based platform with five main modules that allow clients to:

  • Track critical business information (CRM)
  • Automate and manage workflow (Tasks)
  • Provide accurate and timely invoicing (Billing)
  • Supply sales tools to fuel growth (Channel Support)
  • Easily integrate systems and network resources (Integrations)

These modules, combined with Precision’s intuitive user interface, reporting/analytics capabilities and fanatical customer service, give clients an all-inclusive back-office solution to integrate, manage, support and invoice any product or service they sell to end-user customers. Among the platform’s benefits:

Launch New Products Fast

TBS gives clients a competitive advantage because they can integrate new offerings into their workflow and start selling and billing them up to 6x faster than industry standards.

Customize Product Catalogs

Rather than fit products and services into silos and definitions created by Precision, service providers have the ability to self-configure to create a product catalog that matches exactly what they’re selling.

Easily Manage/Track Inventory

With TBS, clients can track inventory much easier. DIDs, servers, routers and other equipment can be entered into the system without tying them to an account. For example, when a box of IP phones arrives off a truck, a barcode scanner can be used to quickly add all of them into the system as inventory that can be assigned to customers later as needed.

Leverage Reporting/Analytics Capabilities

Clients have access to a range of preconfigured reports and useful dashboard charts. The powerful SQL-based engine also supports user-defined customized reports. Reports can be scheduled to run at any interval (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.), with the results delivered via email or FTP.

Supports Multiple Types Of Integrations

Precision’s TBS REST Service is a robust, secure and well-defined REST API that allows outside systems access to the same data and business rules used by our web interface. Our network resource framework is used to connect TBS to third-party systems with an API. We also have custom links that support customized tabs and/or menu options to enable seamless navigation from our Customer, Agent, Wholesale, and Internal Portals.

Please contact us at 304.816.5066 for more information about our products and services. For your convenience you may use our contacts page on our website at