Technology and Communications Articles

The modern day telecommunication industry was born after AT&T was designated a monopoly in 1982. One company was split into seven which ultimately evolved into thousands. With billions of dollars invested and the evolution of cable and the internet, the industry exploded. And then it imploded.

If your small business were a grocery store or automotive mechanic shop, most every lender in the U.S. would immediately understand your business model. If you were to approach them looking for a line of credit, they would be able to quickly determine if your business qualified for one. However, as the owner of a telecommunications company you know that this is not always the case for your industry. Traditional lenders simply do not understand how telecom companies operate and the intricacies of telecommunications funding.

Converting CLECs to VoIP Carriers

In light of regulatory changes over the last few years it is very clear that UNE-P is dead. The landscape for Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC’s) has changed forever. There has been considerable consolidation in the industry and some major fallout as well.

Advance Funding Drives Business

Thermo Credit, LLC has a program that will allow a billing house the opportunity to present an advance funding program to its clients. This is very similar to what LEC billers have been offering for years.

The Goal: Solving Cash Flow Issues

In today’s economic environment, a company will encounter many challenges in raising cash to build the business. All companies need working capital to grow. However, after the initial capital raise has been exhausted, many companies find themselves in the unenviable position of having to raise cash to take the business to the next level.