Technology and Communications Funding Solutions


Thermo Credit’s technology, telecom and communications funding solutions provide access to working capital through accounts receivable, inventory, equipment and other assets. Whether you are looking to fund growth, an acquisition or enhance working capital, our flexibility and specialized industry knowledge help us tailor the right solution to your business needs.

Our facilities can provide accessibility to capital based on your assets without giving away equity.

A Specialized Approach to Funding for the Communications Industry

Thermo Credit isn’t your typical funding company. Our funding solutions are designed with technology and communications companies in mind.

  • Access funds in a timely manner.
  • Optimize your cash flow.
  • Fund the growth of your business.
  • Support a business acquisition.
  • Enhance your working capital.

We’ve funded every segment of the technology and communications industries, including both telecom and specific markets such as:

  • Long Distance
  • VoIP
  • Triple Play
  • Wholesale
  • Wireless
  • ISPs
  • CLECs
  • Content Providers



We structure a funding program secured by receivables, contracts, equipment and inventory—a good option for companies that have many assets or large contracts.


We purchase your invoices at a discount, allowing your additional working capital to then be used for business expansion, acquisition or other growth.

Acquisitions Consulting

Thermo can help to match potential candidates looking to buy or sell a business in the communications/technology space.

Other Funding

We offer a wide variety of funding options to established companies in every segment of the technology and communications industries.

Thermo Credit’s funding solutions also offer the following benefits:

  • No personal guarantees
  • Less restrictive covenants

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