Acquisition Consulting

Are you interested in buying or selling a business?

Thermo can help to match potential candidates looking to buy or sell a business in the technology, communications and telecom industries.

Utilizing our extensive industry experience and database of thousands of companies, Thermo Credit can:

  • Determine potential candidates
  • Assist with negotiations
  • Directly provide acquisition financing
  • Bring in other lenders as well as equity to finance a complicated transaction
  • Allow all parties to remain anonymous during initial phases of data gathering


What’s in it for Thermo?
We would like to finance the transaction.
Does Thermo charge a fee for this service?
No. All we ask is right of first refusal for financing the transaction.
When do we have to disclose company information?
It is entirely up to you. You may disclose this information whenever you are comfortable.
Are there any contracts or agreements to sign with Thermo?
Can Thermo help with the closing?
Thermo can recommend a transactional attorney to assist with the closing.
Can Thermo provide tax consulting?
No, Thermo always suggests you confer with your C.P.A. or tax attorney before completing any transaction.