Loan Services

Thermo Credit offers asset based funding solutions for well-run technology, telecom and communications companies. We can structure a funding program secured by receivables, inventory and equipment in the form asset based loans and accounts receivable financing.

The Basics of Asset Based Funding Solutions for Technology and Communications Companies

Asset Based Loans

This type of funding solution involves using existing contracts, equipment, and other assets as the primary collateral for funding. Asset Based Loans can be a good option for technology and communications companies that have many assets or large contracts to leverage. This funding solution is also a great choice for rapidly growing companies who may be undercapitalized.

Accounts Receivable Financing

This type of funding solution is a subset of asset based lending that uses open invoices as the primary collateral for funding. Accounts Receivable Financing provides an advancement of cash on open invoices. This funding solution is a great solution for well-run companies in need of immediate cash flow.

With over 100 years of combined experience, Thermo Credit offers flexible funding solutions that are tailored to helping your business reach its fullest growth potential.

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