Other Funding

Other Technology and Communications Funding Services

Thermo Credit offers a wide variety of funding options to established companies in every segment of the technology, communications and telecom industries.  If you need access to working capital, we will help you find the perfect funding solution for your unique business needs.

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase Order Financing is most commonly used when businesses need cash to fill existing customer orders. This type of funding uses purchase orders as the primary collateral for funding. Unlike asset-based loans, these loans generate an advancement of cash before an invoice is created.

Inventory Financing

Inventory Financing uses a business’ products (inventory) as collateral in the lending process. Choosing a loan of this type is especially useful for businesses needing to pay suppliers in a short period of time, usually before they can sell their inventory.

Equipment Loans

Equipment Loans help businesses buy equipment and are secured by the equipment itself. Instead of putting up collateral—such as business assets or inventory—the purchased item(s) serve as collateral.


In the event we are unable to meet all of your financial needs, Thermo Credit will reach out to our extensive network of financial partners.