Technology and Communications Factoring

Thermo Credit specializes in technology and communications factoring with the advancement of cash on accounts receivable. This straightforward funding solution allows companies timely access to funds rather than waiting on delayed collections from customers.

The invoices are purchased at a discount and the additional working capital can then be used for business expansion, acquisition or other growth without having to wait on invoice payment.

Factoring is a quick and affordable alternative to meet your company’s financing needs in which you receive upfront cash for outstanding invoices. Factoring is easy to obtain, flexible and offers the following benefits:

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Debt-free financing option
  • Pricing is the same or less than an asset based loan
  • Can cost as low as 1% of invoice amount

Thermo Credit has an in-depth knowledge of the technology and communications industries and understands the challenges of technology and communications billing and operations, with over $1 billion in technology and communications accounts receivable purchased to date.

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