Your Roadmap

At Thermo Credit, we know finance.


We are part of the Communications and Technology landscape because
we are the funding backbone to hundreds of companies like yours.

But they’re not exactly like your company.  Nobody knows your company

like you do.  Or you passion for it to thrive.

Thermo Credit is the funding company that focuses on your roadmap. 

Banks and VC want financial records and past performance information. 
They determine your credit worthiness based where your company has
been and not your business plan going forward.  Some lenders even want
a seat in the boardroom.

Thermo Credit bases credit eligibility on your company’s assets and your growth plan. No personal guarantees. 
You run the company and keep your equity. 


It’s your roadmap and no one understands it like you do.  


When you succeed, everyone benefits, and Thermo Credit is here to help companies like yours.