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Smart Loan Options for the Small Business: Finding the Right Type of Funding


Hundreds of businesses financed.


Over $1,000,000,000 provided to our clients.  

ThermoCredit is about funding growth.


ThermoCredit has funded hundreds of opportunities in the Communications and Technology Industry with a value of over 1,000,000,000 and we are prepared to help your company.


Wireless Tower Companies, SaaS, Software Developers, ISP, Digital Media, Managed Service Providers, Managed IT, Traditional Telecom, VoIP/IP Telephony, Cable services, and more.


Knowledge and Know-How

With more than 20 years of experience, ThermoCredit knows how to secure funding.

Since 2002 ThermoCredit has provided:

  • ​Liquidity for some of the largest communications, technology, and software companies in North America.  

  • Financial support to small development houses.  

  • Resources to mid-tier service providers planning expansion.

We offer a secure credit facility to our clients with loans, factoring, and other lending options.

Our team comes from the tech industry, so we understand the challenges your company faces. ThermoCredit brings the working capital you need to grow, innovate, and even help cover payroll, while you keep control of your company.

Upcoming Events

Secured Finance Network - Austin, November 9 - 11 2022

Funding Strategies Conference - 12/8/22 Webinar: Smart Loan Options for the Small Business: Finding the Right Type of Funding
Funding Strategies Conference - 2/9/23 Webinar: Interest Rates: The Real Cost of Doing Business


2023 Compliance Solutions Executive & CPA CPE Conference - Orlando, Florida February 21-24, 2023
Funding Strategies Conference - 4/6/23 Webinar: Debt vs Equity: How to Leverage Them to Your Advantage 
Funding Strategies Conference - 6/8/23 Webinar: Working Capital Under Stress and Smart Strategies to Deal with It


2023 Compliance Solutions Conference - Norman Oklahoma June 21-23, 2023


The Funding University’s Podcast

Sponsored by ThermoCredit

Funding Strategies Conference

Sponsored by ThermoCredit

ThermoCredit is here to help you achieve your goals.
Contact us at 504-975-8599 or click here to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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