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Why ThermoCredit?

Since 2002 ThermoCredit has provided funding for hundreds of businesses in the Communications and Technology industries. In that time, we’ve become more than a vendor to all of them.  It’s about the relationship.  Many of our clients look to ThermoCredit for acquisition advising, expansion planning, and business plan modeling.   We become a valued resource and a trusted advisor.

We were business leaders, founders, and managers before starting ThermoCredit.  Our roots are in the Communications and Technology industries.  We have been where you are and can relate to your needs.

ThermoCredit is not a bank and we don’t want to run your company.  ThermoCredit is about growth. We don’t require personal guarantees. We are more focused on where you are taking your company than where you’ve been.


ThermoCredit is entrepreneurial and financially sound.  In addition to our own financial strength, we have thousands of funding partners who can assure nearly any organization has access to the funding it needs.  We are here to say yes and help you meet your goals.

When you work with ThermoCredit, you work directly with our leadership.  We work with you one on one to find the right financial package to suit your company’s needs.  You won’t have to deal with a call center or automated call backs.

You partner with a person who can answer your questions and has the experience to help you plan for unexpected situations, because the odds are we’ve already experienced them. 

It’s our experience and relationships that make us different.

Your Roadmap

Knowledge and Know-How

With more than 20 years of experience, ThermoCredit knows how to secure

funding.  We are a direct lender and has partnerships to bring in the right

players to meet your needs.   One of the biggest advantages of working

with us is we are quick to close — in most cases, just a couple of weeks.

This makes us a superior choice to banks whose closing process can take

months and often include intrusive requirements.


ThermoCredit is proud to have a reputation of being easy to work with.

Beginning with the initial complimentary consultation through loan approval,

we manage the deal completely. Throughout the entire process you’ll

receive personalized one-on-one attention that caters to all your financial

requirements. This is accomplished from just one branch, without the need

for call centers or multiple loan officers waiting for you to explain your story

over and over again. With just one company and one point of contact, you’ll

build a relationship with the direct lender bringing the money to the table.

Many times, you’ll work with Seth Block, EVP of ThermoCredit and nationally

recognized financial industry expert.

At ThermoCredit, we know finance.


We are part of the Communications and Technology landscape because we are the funding backbone to hundreds of companies like yours. But they’re not exactly like your company.  Nobody knows your company like you do.  Or you passion for it to thrive. ThermoCredit is the funding company that focuses on your roadmap. Banks and VC want financial records and past performance information. They determine your credit worthiness based where your company has been and not your business plan going forward.  Some lenders even want a seat in the boardroom. ThermoCredit bases credit eligibility on your company’s assets and your growth plan. No personal guarantees. You run the company and keep your equity.  It’s your roadmap and no one understands it like you do.  


When you succeed, everyone benefits, and ThermoCredit is here to help companies like yours.

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