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November 2023

The Cost of Not Innovating & Why ThermoCredit is

the Right Innovation Lending Partner

If you’re asking how much it would cost your company to innovate, you’re not asking the right question. The question you need to be asking is how much it will cost if your company doesn’t innovate.


In today’s changing economy, innovation is an essential strategy to stay ahead of competition and maintain growth.


Innovation can:

  • Create new products and services

  • Improve business efficiency—especially using new technologies and cloud-based solutions

  • Attract and retain customers

  • Increase market share

  • Boost revenue

  • Decrease expenses, allowing for higher profit margins


Innovative companies can be market disruptors, which create new opportunities for growth and expansion, or even entirely new industries.


Very often the costs of not innovating can weigh more heavily on a company than if they opted to invest in their future. The lack of innovation can result in lost or diluted market share, reduced profit, dwindling brand awareness, and missed growth opportunities. It can even make the difference between being acquired or being the acquirer. Or worse yet, it can result in a company being sold off in pieces because it is now worth more broken up than it is whole. Innovation affects all aspects of the business.


When a company can no longer compete effectively, it either becomes an acquisition target worth a fraction of past valuation or it ceases to be. The challenge is finding the right time to make the investment in the future of your company.


ThermoCredit can help. As the lender of choice for the communications and technology industries, our company can finance your innovation. We’re an alternative lender with over 20 years of experience and have deep resources to provide the capital you need, especially in tight credit markets. We don’t just help create financing packages — we also provide business expertise. We guide smaller companies to develop business plans and growth strategies. We even help companies expand through mergers and acquisitions. We know each company has its own unique roadmap to success and that providing financing is just part of getting there. ThermoCredit provides the capital while you keep control of your company.


Contact ThermoCredit to help find the right funding options for your business. Call us at 504-975-8599 or email to schedule your free consultation today. 



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Is Your Accounts Receivable Holding Your Company Back?


Accounts receivable (AR) is the money that your business is owed by customers for products or services. When considering the overall financial condition of a company, it’s important to account for money owed because those funds are considered an asset. Even though your company does not have the money yet, it is the expectation the company will collect the funds, so based on the expectation, the outstanding funds have value. Once the invoice is paid, it becomes cash in the bank which can be used to by your business to cover expenses and maintain operations.


Even though your receivables are assets, having too many of them unpaid on your books isn’t necessarily a good thing. You still have operational expenses which have to be met. 

If you have too many overdue invoices, they can have a negative effect on your business, creating a domino effect where you’re late on your own bills, unable to maintain inventory, or worse yet, fall behind on payroll. Unpaid invoices will deplete your cash flow and can ruin your credit rating very quickly. When a company is unable to invest back into the business or spend funds on new inventory, marketing, or hiring employees, a once promising future can turn very bleak.


Difficulty collecting payments may indicate the business has critical issues with financial management, communication, vendor relations, or even maintaining trust in the business community. A strong CFO can usually provide insight as to how a company can overcome these issues, as can a trusted lender. Banks and credit unions offer limited services in these areas, but alternative lenders usually have experienced resources that can put funds back into your company while helping you put the right processes in place for longer-term viability. Very often an alternative lender will buy your AR, providing you with much-needed capital, and the lender will then pursue the outstanding debt from your customers. Some companies see this as a one-time bailout whereas other companies sell their AR monthly. The smart decision is what works best for your company.


The first steps to ensure timely payment is to:

  • Send invoices immediately so customers are conditioned to expect them at the same time every month.

  • Ask for a deposit or retainer up front (if applicable)

  • Offer different payment methods for customers’ convenience and keep your customers aware of new payment options like electronic payments or new credit cards

  • Go paperless so you can be sure invoices are being seen and you can track invoice open rates

  • Reward early payments with loyalty programs and special offers

  • Offer installment payments

  • Implement and enforce late fees for overdue payments

  • Consider automating your accounts receivable with collections software because good fintech can actually help you make money


Keeping accounts receivable in the positive supports the success and growth of your business, as well as keeps you in the good graces of your vendors. If you believe your company could benefit from selling your AR, working with an experienced alternative lender like ThermoCredit can provide you the resources to accomplish your near and long-term business goals. 


ThermoCredit has been the lender of choice to the telecommunications and technology industries since 2002. In that time, they have loaned more than $1 billion to hundreds of companies ranging in size from small start-ups to Fortune 100 providers. ThermoCredit provides a variety of lending solutions and can customize packages to meet the specific need of your business, including AR loans.


For more information about ThermoCredit and their funding solutions, contact Executive Vice-President Seth Block CPA at 504-975-8599 or visit



Eco-friendly Upgrades Mean Green for your Company



When a business embraces eco-friendly solutions, these energy-saving technologies can have a significant positive effect on company operations and the environment. The savings to a company can be realized by operational expense reductions and tax incentives, which in many cases significantly offset the financial investment to upgrade operations. The immediate internal and external advantages to a company utilizing eco-friendly technology include lower operating costs, publicly demonstrating a clear commitment to sustainability, and increased customer loyalty as a result of being seen as an eco-friendlier business.


One example is how the US government offers tax incentives to companies deploying cleaner technologies in their vehicle fleets or commercial spaces. These include a tax credit of up to $7500 for a new clean vehicle purchase (or less for a used vehicle). The IRS also allows a Biodiesel Income Tax Credit of $1.00 per gallon for green fuels. While this incentive was originally set to expire in December 2022, the government has extended the rebate until 2024. These vehicles receive a hefty tax credit, have fewer parts than petroleum-fuelled cars so they cost less to maintain, and in many cases have zero emissions, which is good for the environment.


Investing in eco-friendly technologies like a green fleet of vehicles or solar panels can be costly upfront, however over a short period of time, the investment pays for itself and the federal tax incentives help defray the cost, but do not cover 100% of the expenditure. With interest rates on the rise and credit markets tightening, banks have been curtailing lending to both customers and reducing the amount being loaned. 

The cost of doing business is rising in lockstep with the increase in interest rates.  Companies are seeing record-high utility expenses, shipping costs have skyrocketed because of fuel prices, in addition to more expensive goods and services. Investing in eco-friendly technology is a smart way for a company to reduce expenses and better control costs. Banks are the biggest obstacle because they are not lending.


ThermoCredit is lending and providing much-needed capital to companies looking to grow, acquire, and innovate. As the preferred lender to the Communications and Technology industry since 2002, ThermoCredit has provided more than a billion dollars in working capital to companies to help them accomplish their business objectives. We can fund your eco-friendly conversions and in conjunction with your tax incentives, most companies see reduced expenses in a few months and those savings are monthly recurrences, which allows you to better manage your budget. We can help you plan your green upgrades so you can maximize your IRS deductions.


A company can take advantage of the IRS commercial building energy efficiency tax deductions, which allows business owners to claim tax deductions for installing green systems. This applies to companies that either own or lease commercial space. Systems eligible for the deduction include interior lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), and hot water setups which reduce energy and power costs by 50% or more. In addition to tax rebates, a business will spend less on operating costs—such as energy bills—by using more efficient systems.


The government offers tax credits for investment in renewable energy, such as solar or wind. There is also the Energy Star initiative which allows business tax deductions for increased energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Businesses can receive faster depreciation for smart meters and grid systems, allowing them to recover the cost in half the time.


ThermoCredit works with companies like yours to create customized funding packages so you can best meet the needs of your business. If you’re seeking to access the cost savings and tax incentives of energy-efficient systems, we can help you find the funding for greener enhancements. Call us at 504-975-8599 or email to schedule your free consultation today. Capital for your company without giving up equity.





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