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March 2023

Creative Lending CAN Boost Your Bottom Line!

ThermoCredit is in the business of helping companies meet their goals and we love celebrating our client’s many successes.

A few years ago, ThermoCredit funded a telecommunications firm in the greater central Florida area. The company provides cost-effective, hosted business VoIP phone service and data solutions to customers throughout the United States and Canada. They had an immediate need for funding for an acquisition. The company’s president worked directly with ThermoCredit to secure the funding solution which would best meet their needs.  The acquisition was a smaller competitor which could positively affect their bottom line day one. The ThermoCredit team evaluated the situation and suggested a custom business loan which would allow the deal to be consummated quickly, as well as at a competitive interest rate. The funding was delivered—on time, and with ease.


ThermoCredit Executive Vice President Seth Block explains the approach. “The client had a portion of the equity we usually look for in a loan, but we still wanted to see a certain amount of capital put forward from the purchaser. We came up with a creative solution where we were able to use their current assets and the assets from the company they were acquiring. When we combined the two balance sheets, we found the equity in the two companies met the loan threshold we needed to get the deal done.  It's a pretty unique solution and one you could not do with a bank.” explains Seth. This  out-of-the-box solution allowed the corporation to solidify an important acquisition, retain almost all of their equity in the new company, and immediately see a positive cash flow bump. “ThermoCredit’s experience as a lender allowed us to put together a package for our client that was truly outside the box. We did the entire loan in less than 30 days from start to finish.”

“As an independent lender, ThermoCredit has more flexibility than banks and other traditional lenders because we consider the health of your company and the needs of your business, “notes Seth. You know your business better than anyone else. With ThermoCredit you get the capital you need while keeping control of your company.”

The client has prospered as a result of the acquisition and in addition to being a very well run organization, they continue to look to ThermoCredit for their growth plans.  

ThermoCredit has funded hundreds of deals over the last 20 years lending more than $1,000,000,000 to companies looking to grow, acquire, restructure, and more. For more information about how ThermoCredit can help you achieve your business goals, visit our website at to schedule an appointment with one of our team members.  

Why Does ThermoCredit Fund Green Companies?

ThermoCredit is the financial backer for hundreds of startups and small businesses in the communications and technology industries. We are especially focused on supporting such rapidly advancing industries as next-generation, eco-friendly sourcing corporations.

Green technology is so important—it can help reduce the pollution and waste found in traditional industrial practices, and investing in eco-friendly companies is definitely on trend. There’s been a huge shift in recent years toward lowering carbon emissions and a reliance on renewable energy. Government legislation and many predominant manufacturers have made the change to green technology and are focusing on integrating new, earth-friendly processes. Fossil fuels and polluting factories are likely to incur higher expenses, so consumers will seek alternate options.


Sustainable investing is beneficial both for the bottom line and for the Earth. The market is rife with opportunities for eco-friendly solutions to reduce the carbon footprint, which requires less maintenance fees. The result is tremendous growth for the industry.

Specifically, ThermoCredit offers funding for the new windmill and solar panel manufacturing. Next-generation companies can use funds to enhance recycling procedures, install water-saving devices, upgrade lighting and HVAC systems, and purchase alternative vehicles that meet specific fuel-efficient standards. Using funds to invest in green innovations helps to keep costs down and meet environmental goals more quickly. In turn, businesses may receive tax breaks and government subsidies by focusing on eco-friendly practices.

ThermoCredit is proud to provide capital for eco-friendly businesses, which is a win for the business, the economy, and the planet.

Interest Rates: The Real Cost of Doing Business

Becoming well-versed in the subject of interest rates can be a real asset to your business. Interest rates vary and definitely affect the cost of doing business.

With interest rates on the rise, consumers pay more interest to lenders and your business may find customers have less disposable income to spend. Businesses with variable interest rate loans may find themselves in tough situations and it may be difficult to take out new loans to manage expenses or expand the business.

Funding Strategies Conference Presents

The Real Cost of Doing Business 
Thursday, March 9, 2023

2 PM – 3 PM ET
A $29.99 Value!
Register for FREE using the code INTEREST23. 


Tune in for tips and strategies to help offset rising interest rates and get a better understanding of how interest rates really affect your business.
By participating in this webinar, you will learn:

1.    Details about different types of interest rates
2.    How to use interest rates to your advantage
3.    How to manage loans during interest rate hikes
4.    Do interest rates really matter?
5.    Variable or fixed rate loans and what’s best for my business?
6.    Funding trends for the next 18 to 24 months

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