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Seth Block, Executive Vice-President of ThermoCredit, is a nationally recognized financial speaker and hosts a podcast about funding, what you need to know, and industry trends. Seth’s podcasts are highly informative and easy to understand.


ThermoCredit Achieves 90% Reduction in Paper Usage in 2021 

Advances in technology and security have been utilized by ThermoCredit to garner recognition in the financial services industry as a “green” company. 

NEW ORLEANS, LA, 1/11/2022 — ThermoCredit announces significant strides in their quest to become 100% paper free. Following the utilization of new technology and security programs, ThermoCredit has reduced their internal paper consumption by 90%. The introduction of electronic signatures and digitized documentation from clients will lead to significant cost savings over the years, but more importantly it will yield considerably less shredding waste. 

“The financial services industry has been notorious for decades for its’ paper consumption and have become some of the biggest clients in the shredding industry. Shredded paper is generally recycled, but if we can avoid the consumption of paper and toner at the onset, we are doing our part to help the environment,” says Seth Block, Executive Vice President of ThermoCredit. 

“Our investment in next generation technologies continues to support the economy, but now we can do business with our clients globally with a couple of clicks. 20 years ago, it would have been science fiction, but these new technologies enable ThermoCredit to shave up to 30% of our approval time because we’re not waiting on records to be delivered by snail mail or tracking overnight envelopes. When you are waiting on funding, time matters.” 

ThermoCredit’s electronic signatures for signing documents and contracts allow legally binding transactions to be authorized from anywhere at any time, without delay. An additional benefit is the rapid access to client information, which is key when clients require additional funding. More than 70% of ThermoCredit’s clients request and are provided additional funding within the first 24 months of contract. 

For more information about funding options with ThermoCredit or how ThermoCredit can aid your business with M&A, business planning, recapitalization, and SBA loans, contact Seth Block at 504-975-8599 or visit to schedule a complimentary consultation. 

About ThermoCredit 

ThermoCredit is an industry leader in funding growth for some of the biggest names in the communications and technology industries. As a direct lender, ThermoCredit has provided more than $1,000,000,000 in financing to businesses just like yours, all while you maintain control of your company. As the sole company responsible for 

working with you, ThermoCredit can offer services far beyond what a broker can provide while everything is done from a secure credit facility with a variety of flexible lending options, including factoring and loans. For more information, visit Please direct media inquiries to The Small Marketing Agency at 321-689-3335 or

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